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The Japan-ROK-U.S. Summit: Yoon's Initiation Party to the Anti-Asia and Pro-West Club(3)


(지난 호에 이어)

On the other hand, he has one quality useful for the PJCSK; he has the desire and means to kill the enemies of the PJCSK which may threaten the vested interests of the corrupted PJCSK.


He has been a prosecutor all his professional life capturing, sending innocent people to prison and even destroying the entire family of those who are suspected to be against the interests of the PJCSK.


Despite the absence of presidential qualities, the PJCSK chose Yoon as their presidential candidate at the 2022 election.


Once elected, the first priority of Yoon Suk-yeol was the destruction of the LNSK on the one hand and, on the other, the survival of the PJCSK allowing the recovery of its wealth and the privilege. To do so, Yoon applied the following measures.

• The destruction of the trace of the DPK by imprisoning the all of the key former aids of the Moon Jae-in government.

• The killing of possible leaders of the LNSK trough fabricated scandals, usually sex scandals or bribes scandals.

• The mobilization of the media, the prosecutor office and the police to do politically assassinate the leader of the opposition party, Lee Jae-myung.

• The nomination of prosecutors to most of the major minister jobs and deputy minister positions in order to create the prosecutor dictatorship.


In fact, South Korea is now run by prosecutors who are absolutely ignorant about running a government.

• The imposition of extreme form of neo-liberal economic system by facilitating the PJCSK's embezzlement of public funds, by making the Chaebols richer and more powerful and by preventing job creation through the prevention of SME expansion.


Yoon has been deploying every possible means to destroy the LNSK. But, he still feels unsecure and seeks protectors, which are Japan and the U.S.


Now, we will see below how Yoon has been trying to destroy South Korea through dangerous and criminal diplomacy in complicity with Kishida and Biden.


2. Yoon's anti-Korea Diplomacy


2.1 Diplomacy with Japan


The relation between PJCSK and Japan has always been the master-servant relations. In fact, the PJCSK has been Japan's neo-colony, ever since 1945, in the sense that the PJCSK has been promoting the economic, political and ideological interests of Japan and those of the PJCSK at the expense of the interests of the LNSK.


What is amazing is this. The PJCSK thinks that its fate depends on the destiny of Japan, because the PJCSK was co-offender of war crimes committed during the Japanese colonial era (1910-1945).


The PJCSK thinks that Korea is an extension of Japan. It may even wish for Korea's annexation to Japan 2.0.


This may sound absurd. Is it? It happened before in 1910 because of the traitor Lee Wan Yong. Many think that Yoon Suk-yeol is the reincarnation of Lee Wan Yong.


Yoon's diplomacy with Kishida has produced two results which are catastrophic to Korea. One was the justification of Japanese colonialism and the other was the promotion of the Japanese interests at the expense of Korea's interests.


Justification of Japanese colonialism


Yoon supports the Japanese arguments that the Japanese colonialism was beneficial to Korea, that Korea was annexed, because of Korea's incapacity to govern Korea, that the crime of the sex slavery of the 200,000 comfort women never happened, that the labour slavery of 800,000 Korean workers never took place.


Yoon did not protest when Kishida hinted that Dokdo/Takeshima Island was Japanese territory. The issue of Dokto /Takeshima Island can provoke ROK-Japan war.


• Japan does not like to pay compensation to the Korean workers who were exploited by the Japanese firms as salves. The Supreme Court of Korea ordered the guilty Japanese firms to pay the compensation. Japanese firms refused to pay. Stupid Yoon has asked the Korean firms that have nothing to do with labour slavery to pay it.


Promotion of Japanese Interest at the expense of Korea's interests


• South Korean GDP per capita has been catching up rapidly the Japanese GDP per capita. In 2004, Japan's per capita GNP (nominal) was USD 38,307 as against USD 16,283 for South Korea. Thus, the ROK's per capita GDP was mere 43% of the Japanese per capita GDP.


Now in 2023, the Japanese per capita GDP is USD 35,400 as against USD 34,967 for South Korea. Thus, in 2023, the South Korea's per capita GDP is 96.5% of the Japanese per capita GDP.


Moreover, if we compare the two countries' per capita GDP (PPP), Korean per capita GDP (PPP) is USD 56,693 as against USD 51,800 for Japan. Thus, South Korean per capita GDP (PPP) is 9% higher than the Japanese per capita GDP (PPP). By the way, PPP stands for purchasing power parity.

• Yoon has applied every possible measure to sow down the ROK's GDP growth so that the Korean economy stops being competitive with the Japanese economy.

• Yoon has adopted the extreme form of neo-liberal economic policy by favouring large corporations at the expense of the welfare of the people. This policy leads to the fall of the GDP growth due to falling domestic demand resulting from skewed income distribution in favour of the PJCSK and Japan which dislikes fast growth of ROK's GDP.

• Japan does not like the competitive South Korean small and medium enterprises (SMEs) which provide chemical products needed for the production of semi-conductors. Therefore, Yoon cut subsidies usually given to Korean SMEs and brought in Japanese SMEs to South Korea.(다음 호에 계속)




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