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It governs your use of the or Web Site and the services and goods provided through the web site. It exempts or and other persons from liability or limits their liability and contains other important provisions that you should read.
For the purpose of this document or is defined to mean all Internet domains owned and operated by Aha Idea inc., Aha Broadcasting / Aha Club / Aha Shopping / any Homepage, as well as all associated hardware and software utilized in their operation. or is a private, hobby site devoted to the promotion and enhancement of Aha Broadcasting / Aha Club / Aha Shopping / any Homepage / around the world. The main purpose of or Internet Service is to facilitate International communication between Homepages on numerous computer networks that make up what is commonly referred to as "the Internet." It is or's intention to be the premiere site on the Internet for Aha Homepage and Minihompage.
Although the Internet as a whole offers much independence and autonomy for those who use it, many of the individual networks or portions of the Internet have specific guidelines for use. As the Internet expands, it is increasingly common for an Internet Service Provider, such as or, to be blocked from use of another organization's systems due to repeated misuses of that system's resources. Because or runs multi-user systems, actions of one or user may have a severe impact on other users' ability to use the system(s). This is unfair to all users.
To this end, or has adopted these Acceptable Use Policies. They are intended to provide a guide to or's views on what constitutes inappropriate use of or's access to the Internet and to inform or's Users of what actions or may take, with or without notice, in the event that or becomes aware of inappropriate use of or's service. They will be used to help or system administrators deal with complaints from users of or or other Internet-connected systems, and to determine when action must be taken.
It is expected that all or Users will follow the policies set forth herein. Protection of or's technical resources and or's ability to continue to provide high quality service to its users, compliance with existing laws and regulations, and the protection of or's reputation as a service provider are all contributing factors to the policies outlined below.
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