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Failed attempt to kill Lee Jae-myung: Trilateral Conspiracy?(3)

(지난 호에 이어)

The AKF has accumulated enormous wealth during 90 years. During the Japanese colonial period, it became rich by stealing land, houses, factories, money and other assets belonging to Korean patriot families.

During the post-war period, the AKF became extremely rich by the following methods: appropriation of assets of Japanese who left Korea, business-politics collusion allowing the AKF to take a good part of GDP growth, infinite kinds of bribes, kickbacks, illegal land speculation, forced change of land zoning code, fees for the deployment of 300,000 South Korean soldiers to Vietnam, the 4-River construction project, the Natural Resource diplomacy and outright embezzlement of public funds.


Nobody knows about the wealth of the AKF. But it surely amounts to several trillions of dollars. Much of this wealth is invested in real estate at home and abroad.

The AKF had to protect its wealth at all costs. To protect the wealth, it must keep power. To keep power, it must eliminate those who criticise or those who are suspected to criticise the AKF government; it has been imposing police dictatorship, military dictatorship, prosecutor dictatorship even media dictatorship.


Through such criminal regimes, the AKF has massacred more than 600,000 South Koreans; perhaps more than 30% of South Korean families have been the target of police harassment; a great number of young people were barred from public service; many were expelled from Korea; countless young people were tortured by the police for their street demonstration.

Counter offensive of citizens

The PKF has not remained idle. It fought back in two ways. One way was the popular uprising by all citizens, especially by the students. The other was counter offensive by PKF governments.


•The Student Revolution (April 19, 1960) leading to the dismissal of President Rhee Syngman who escaped to Hawaii on American CIA plane. 
•The BUMA Protests (October 16, 1979) leading to the assassination of General Park Chung-hee by his CIAK director.
• The Kwangjoo Democratic Movement (May 18, 1980) allowing the imprisonment of General Chun Doo-hwan and General Rho Tae-woo for corruption.
• The Democratic Movement of June 1987: Amendment of constitution allowing direct election of president by the people.
• The Candle Light Revolution (2016-2017) by 17,000,000 citizens of all ages leading to the impeachment of President Park Geun-hye and the formation of the PKF's government of Moon-Jae-in.


Counter offensive by the PKF's governments.

The government of Kim Daejung (1998-2003), the government of Rho Moo-hyun (2003-2008) and the government of Moon Jae-in (2017-2022) have fought back against the AKF.

The 15-year PKF governments have fought against the AKF through political, economic, media and judicial reforms.

The three presidents of the PKF have certainly harmed the privileges of the AKF. 

However, it was the government of Moon Jae-in which has harmed the most the AKF.


3. Anti-AKF policy of Moon Jae-in 

Armed with the spirit of the Candle Light Revolution, Moon Jae-in took power in 2017. This change of power meant a great threat for the AKF which had lost its force despite the desperate efforts by Lee Myung-bak and Park Geun-hye to restore it.

The measures adopted by Moon Jae-in included the following: the destruction of the bribe culture, increase in government spending for the improvement of the well being of the ordinary people, increase in minimum wage, increase in the coverage of medical care insurance, increase in corporate tax, increase in capital gains tax, restriction of the coverage of the security law, increase in the negotiation power of labour unions and many other measures which drastically reduced the source of income of the AKF.


4. AKF reaction to Moon Jae-in Policy

Election of Yoon Suk-yeol as President

The AKF was alarmed by Moon's policies. The AKF decided to find someone who could destroy the PKF. Well, the someone was Yoon Suk-yeol.
The AKF knew that Yoon had no experience in politics or administration except arresting and imprisoning people.

But this was, precisely, the quality sought by the AKF which wanted a butcher who would kill the PKF.

During the campaign, Yoon showed his ignorance, his stupidity and his Shamanism. He showed, during a the debate, the sign of king "王" on his hand. His wife, notorious criminal, was known to be the disciple of Shaman called "Cheon -Gong".


5. Mission of Yoon Suk-yeol

Yoon seems to have these missions. 

• Maximum creation of wealth for Yoon and the AKF
• Prevention of citizen's mass protests against Yoon's government and the AKF
• Imposition of Prosecutor dictatorship
• Demonization of the PKF and its party, Democratic Party of Korea (DPK)
• Elimination of future leaders of the PKF
• Elimination of Lee Jae-myung

Maximum Creation of wealth for Yoon and the AKF

In addition to the usual way of accumulating the wealth of the AKF, Yoon has been trying to stack up money for himself and his friends of the AKF.

First, increase of the allocation of resources to large corporations through subsidies and grants and decrease of corporate taxes so that the bribe money can flow in the pockets of Yoon and the AKF.

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