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The Korea-Japan Summit: Conspiracy, Capitulation, Korean War 2.0??(2)


(지난 호에 이어)

Thus, the Korean corporations which have nothing to do with the labour slavery have to pay the victims of slavery imposed by Japanese corporations. What is more absurd is this. Yoon promised that this policy will not change even under the new government which will come in four years. But in four years, he will be no longer president of Korea. In fact, he may be kicked out much before the end of his presidential term. Then, how can he make such irresponsible promise? Here again, Japan won; Korea is humiliated. 

Moreover, Yoon violated the constitution by disobeying the ruling the country's Supreme Court. This can be a reason for impeachment.

What is more shocking is this. A ranking Japanese cabinet minister says that the conscription of Korean workers never took place. Yoon did not protest against such irresponsible declaration of a Japanese cabinet minister.

GSOMIA: Then there was the issue of General Security of Military Information Agreement (GSOMIA). It is an agreement on the exchange of security related information. Under the agreement, partner countries must share security-related information after proper analysis of information. 

During the Korea-Japan trade war of 2019, under the government of Moon Jse-in, Korea withdrew from the agreement, but, the agreement was restored informally.

But, this time, Yoon agreed formalized GSMIA and Korea must provide Japan with information on North Korean military activities which may be a threat to Japan and South Korea.

The agreement is a lopsided agreement, which is more beneficial to Japan.

First, under the GSOMIA, one has to offer the real time exchange of military information without proper analysis. This may allow Japan to misjudge North Korean missile launch, because the earth, being round, it takes more time before Japan can track the direction of the missile. This could lead Japan to take hostile reaction to North Korean missile launched due to wrong judgment of the intention and direction of the missile. 

Second, Japan has little military information to offer to Korea. Moreover, Korean experts think that information provided by Japan has been of little use for Korea.

Third, the GSMIA may lead to Japan-Korea military alliance compelling South Korean armed forces to join Japan's war against North Korea and China.

Fourth, the Japan-Korea military alliance will allow the return of the Japanese military to the Korea soil. This will be never ever be accepted by Koreans.

Thus, Yoon has given the gift cup filled with gifts of vital importance to Korea's sovereignty security, pride and dignity. What is more alarming is that Japan filled the remaining unfilled gift cup with more Yoon<s gifts.

2. Additional Korea's Gift imposed by Japan

Many years ago, I saw on TV a Canadian businessman who talked about the Japanese, He said: "What the Japanese thinks in the forehead is quite different from what he thinks in the back-head." He was saying that one should not give a blank check in dealing with a Japanese businessman.

That was what happened to the stupid Yoon Suk-yeol. Yoon surely trusted that Japan would pay for Yoon's gift with something of some use. But, as suspected, Japan gave nothing. Instead, it asked the things which threaten the very existence of South Korea.

Fifth, Fukushima sea foods: Yoon promised to talk to Korean about the imports to Korea of the radioactive polluted marine product of the Fukushima region. Japanese sources reported that Japan asked Yoon to remove the imports restriction of Fukushima marine products of radioactive contamination to Korea. Yoon is reported to have promised to consider the possibility. 

Sixth, Dokto Island: There was the question of Dokto/Takeshima. The Tokto has been the thorny issue ever since WWII. There are ample proofs that Dokto is a Korean territory. But Japan has been arguing that it is its territory usually before major elections. 

For Koreans, Dokto is sacred. If Japan insists that it is its territory, Koreans are ready to go to war with Japan.

Thus, Dokto is a very delicate issue for Japan and Korea. In the past, when Japan mentions Dokto, at bilateral meetings, Korean delegate reacted very strongly.  

The Japanese media, including NHK reported that the issue of Dokto was discussed but Yoon did not protest. The presidential office of Korea denies such discussion having taken place. Koreans are nervous about the hidden agreement which might have taken.

Japan betrayed by putting in the school history text book that Dokto is a Japanese territory few days after the Yoon-Kishida summit.

Seventh,Trade Sanctions: In 2019, Japan reacted violently against the Korean Supreme Court's ruling ordering Japanese corporations who practiced labour slavery to pay the victims of labour slavery. And Japan imposed trade sanctions by restricting the exports to Korea of vital chemical product needed for the production of chips, smart phone and TVs.
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