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Yoon's Diplomacy with Kishida and Biden(2)


One step to Korean War 2.0 and Two steps to Hot Sino-American War?


Dr. Joseph H. Chung (정희수), Professor of Economics in Montreal (UQAM)


(지난 호에 이어)


Therefore, Biden would have put pressure on Yoon, as the condition for being invited as state visitor, to accept Japans view of Japanese colonialism. And, Yoon has accepted Biden's demand, because he has the same view of Japanese colonialism.


If Kishida and Yoon have the same view of Japanese colonialism and if hey cooperate for the global hegemony of Washington, it would be one of Biden's successful diplomatic accomplishments, which will give an edge in the coming presidential election.


But, Yoon is surely aware of the violent reaction of the majority of the South Korean population who have nationalistic view of Japanese colonialism. This does not seem to bother him much, because he thinks that he can silence the dissidents with prosecutors' force.


The results of Yoon's summit with Kishida have turned out to be what was expected. It made it clear that the Japanese colonialism was beneficial to the inferior Koreans. Yoon gave away everything which is dear to Koreans.


Yoon knows well that South Koreans will fight back. But, he does not care, because he thinks that he will be protected by Kishida and Biden, because he is riding on the wagon of China killing.


2.1 Yoon's gift to Kishida


The following is the list of what Japan wanted and what Yoon gave

• The justification of Japanese colonialism in Korea

• The compensation payment for the labour slavery

• The Global Security of Military Information Agreement.

• Comfort women

• Trade sanction

• Dokto/Takeshima Island

• Fukushima Sea Foods


Justification of Japanese Colonialism in Korea


Japan has been arguing that its colonialism in Korea was beneficial to Korea, because without Japanese colonialism, Korea could never modernize itself and develop its economy.


On August 15, 2022, at the annual commemoration day of Korea's liberation from Japan, Yoon Suk-yeol justified, in his speech, Japan's claim. This can be interpreted by Japan that Korea would welcome Japanese colonialism 2.0.


Compensation payment for labour slavery


During the 35-year of Japanese illegal occupation of Japan in Korea, Japan committed countless war crimes against humanity. One of these crimes was the conscription of almost one million Korean workers forced to work in Japanese mines and factories under sub-human living conditions.


The negotiation between the former slave masters (Japanese corporations) and the former slaves (Korean workers) for Japan's sincere apology and compensation has lasted for decades.


At last, in 2018, the Supreme Court of Korea ordered two Japanese corporations- Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and the Nippon Steel- to pay the compensations to the victims of the labour slavery. It was reported that these corporations were ready to pay the compensation, but the Japanese government told them not to do so.


You may not believe this. Since Japan refuses to pay the compensation to the victims, the Yoon's government has decided to force the Korean corporation to pay the compensation. Then, Korea will ask the Japanese corporation to pay later. This is ridiculous idea; the Japanese corporation will never pay.


Thus, the Korean corporations which have nothing to do with the labour slavery have to pay the victims of slavery imposed by Japanese corporations.


Moreover, Yoon violated the Korean constitution by disobeying the ruling of the country's Supreme Court. This can be a reason for impeachment.


What is more shocking is this. A ranking Japanese cabinet minister says that the conscription of Korean workers never took place.


Yoon did not protest against such irresponsible declaration of a Japanese cabinet minister.


General Security of Military Information Agreement:


Then, there was the issue of General Security of Military Information Agreement (GSOMIA). It is an agreement on the exchange of security related information. Under the agreement, partner countries must share security-related information after proper analysis of information.


During the Korea-Japan trade war of 2019, under the government of Moon Jse-in, Korea withdrew from the agreement, but, the agreement was restored informally.


But, this time, Yoon agreed formalized GSMIA and Korea must provide Japan with information on North Korean military activities which may be a threat to Japan and South Korea.


The agreement is a lopsided agreement, which is more beneficial to Japan.


What worries Koreans is that this agreement is likely lead to Japan-Korea military alliance which will allow the return of the Japanese military to the Korea soil. This will be never accepted by Koreans.


Comfort Women


Yoon went to Japan hoping that Japan would show remorse and apologise for raping more than 250,000 Korean girls during several years by Japanese soldiers. True, in the past, handful Japanese political leaders showed remorse:  Kono (1993), Murayama (1995), Obuchi-Kim joint declaration (1998), Koizumi (20005).


But in 2015, Shinzo Abe denied all these manifestation of apology or remorse.


Fumio Kishida, current prime minister of Japan, was asked if he would apologise for the sex slavery. He answer was that he would follow the position taken by his predecessors, but he did not say which predecessor. The predecessor was most likely Shinzo Abe. But Yoon did not protest.


So, the negotiation on the apology for sex slavery ended up with total victory of Japan. It is reported that even before the summit, Yoon sent someone to Kishida begging him to say a simple word of regret for the crime against the poor comfort girls. Kishida ignored such humiliating request.


In practical terms, Kishida was saying that the sex slavery never happened. Yoon did not protest. (다음 호에 계속)




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