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  • 식품ㆍ음식점ㆍ쇼핑1
  • 부동산ㆍ건축ㆍ생활2
  • 미용ㆍ건강ㆍ의료3
  • 자동차ㆍ수리ㆍ운송4
  • 관광ㆍ하숙ㆍ스포츠5
  • 이민ㆍ유학ㆍ학교6
  • 금융ㆍ보험ㆍ모기지7
  • 컴퓨터ㆍ인터넷ㆍ전화8
  • 오락ㆍ유흥ㆍPC방9
  • 법률ㆍ회계ㆍ번역10
  • 꽃ㆍ결혼ㆍ사진11
  • 예술ㆍ광고ㆍ인쇄12
  • 도매ㆍ무역ㆍ장비13
  • 종교ㆍ언론ㆍ단체14
스티븐허 원장(27년 입시전문가)의 10개 대학교 리스트 선정 서비스

Steven Academy 에서 알려 드립니다.

1) 나의 내신, Activity 봉사활동으로 지원 가능한 대학들을 알아보자!
-> 이번 여름에 준비하셔도 됩니다.

2) 지원하고 싶은 대학들 특성 & 전공 상담
-> 미래 취업을 위해 알려드립니다.

3) 불리한 내신을 극복할 수 있는 Tip 상담

4) 절대 떨어지지 않는 Safety 대학 선정

5) 추천서 받는 요령

수강료 $500 / ₩600,000


문의는 전화 또는 카톡 주십시오.

전화번호 415-918-6018
한국전화 02-538-6018
이메일 상담 [email protected]
카카오톡 상담

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스티븐 아카데미 Steven Huh 원장 소개
<스티븐허 원장 약력>

University of Illinois 영문학과
전 대원외고 해외 유학반 수석교사 (1998년~2003년)
전 대치동 스티븐아카데미 원장 (2003년~ 2018년)
현 Independent Counselor

현 SF 스티븐아카데미 원장 (2018년~현재)
SAT I and ACT Essay
General High School Writing
College Application Essays

Right before a test, I tell students to “Do your average!” and not their “best.” My experience with students in test prep is that they are often concerned about the “show,” the test day, and not the day-to-day learning that they do at home or at school. The ones most disappointed with their performance on test day are the ones who did less than they thought they are capable of. Doing their “average” then is quite good and most all students are quite good in our assessment, theirs and mine, in the course of our lessons together.

The improvements we have gained in the classroom are victories and a cause for happy self-reflection. All students have them, and I am always surprised that they all do. The ones that need help, at times, I have talked with outside of class, driven them home imploring them to try harder, and not do the self-destructive things that hurt them as a person first and as a student second.

All young people improve with such care and mentoring from teachers. This is what we try to instill in our students at Steven Academy. Test prep, after all, is shooting for numbers or letters, but it’s the effort and the motivation to improve one’s self that best result in a satisfying academic achievement. Contented students do their best anyway because they know what that feeling is, so asking them to do their “average” is asking them to show what they are made of in such day-to-day quiet moments of reflection and care in what they do. Finding that in students is the key for us as educators, I believe. It is that “average” we seek in our students when we teach, and what we get out, the student’s personal “average” on a day to shine.


아래 사진은 스티븐 허 원장 자격증, 그리고 각종 언론사 취재 기사 입니다.