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Bookkeeping & Office Admin 해주실분 구하고 있습니다.

Bookkeeping & Office Admin 해주실분 구하고 있습니다. 위치가 대중교통 이용시 좀 힘들수 있서서 운전 가능하신분이 낳을듯 하네요.

Bookkeeping responsibilities include the computing, classifying and recording of financial transactions to ensure the financial records of the organization are accurate; performing routine financial calculations and general ledger duties; checking the accuracy of calculations performed by other employees.

This position also requires to perform the functions of the Office Assistant.


1. Recording daily financial transactions, including purchases, receipts, sales and payments using QuickBooks.

2. Invoicing customers, entering bills from invoices, and receivers for purchases.

3. Follows up with customers on past due invoices.

4. Generates weekly AP/AR reports.

5. Ensures the financial records of the organization are accurate.

6. Reconciles or notes and reports discrepancies found in records.

7. Compiles statistical, financial, accounting or auditing reports and tables pertaining to such matters as cash receipts, expenditures, accounts payable and receivable, and profits and losses.

8. Complies with federal, state and company policies, procedures and regulations.

9. Receives, records and banks cash, checks and vouchers.

10. Maintains supplies by checking stock to determine inventory levels; anticipating requirements; placing and expediting orders; verifying receipt; stocking items; delivering supplies to work stations.

11. Enhances organization reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.

12. Maintains and updates filing system for the department. Retrieves information from files when needed.

Conditions • Work location – GTA • Full-time employment . Group Benefits

Please send your resume to -

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