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part time accounting staff 과 staff accountant (unpaid Internship) 를 구합니다.


장기태 공인회계사무소에서 part time accounting staff 과 staff accountant (unpaid Internship) 를 구합니다.  


이력서를 보내주실때 어느 포지션을 apply 하는지 정확히 명시해 주시기 바랍니다

인터뷰 대상자만 연락을 드리는점 양해해 주시기 바랍니다.

이력서는 [email protected]  보내주시기 바랍니다.



North York, ON


#1 part time accounting staff (paid position)


·        Public practice  6개월 ~ 1년이상 경험이 있으신분 (personal & corporation tax return, Bookkeeping, NTR and other tax and accounting related files). Assurance (audit & review engagement) file  하실수 있는분 우대.

·        Public practice (일반 회사 경리부서가 아닌 회계법인 관심이 있으신분.

·        급여는 경력에 따라 결정됩니다

·        회계관련 전공하신분.

·        성격이 꼼꼼하시고 책임감이 있으신분

·        영어의사소통에 어려움이 없으신분

·        가능하면 장기적으로 오래 같이 일하실수 있는분. 7-12 개월 후에 원하시면 full time  position 으로 변경해 드릴수도 있습니다.

·        장기 또는 정기적으로 일을 하시지 못하는 경우 contract basis 일하실수 있는분도 괞찮습니다  (per diem or per file basis is acceptable).

·        Caseware, Caseview, Profile, Tax Prep, Quickbook  기본적인 accounting & tax software  다루실수 있으면 좋습니다, excel 잘하시는분 우대 (it will be an asset but not a must).


#2  Staff Accountant (Accounting Internship-Unpaid) 


근무기간: 4-6 개월 between Nov 2018 and April 2019 (기간과 날짜는 상황에 따라 조정 가능합니다).

We are currently seeking a part-time  or full-time staff accountant intern (4-6 months). This is a great learning opportunity for a person who seeks to gain practical experience in all aspects of accounting.

To ensure expectations our Firm does not generally provide remuneration for Accounting internship, as we provide an opportunity to learn and gain hands on experience


North York, ON

Overview of the opportunity: Working at a small firm such as John K. Jang Chartered Professional Accountant allows you to gain valuable on-the-job experience while building your professional knowledge and business acumen. You’ll be working closely to the Principal and have access to ongoing professional development and mentorship at every level. You will be working on the various files for local businesses and organizations, adding value and gaining valuable on-the-job experience.

What you will do: As a Staff Accountant in a small public practice, you will complete bookkeeping which includes journal entries, bank reconciliations, month-end closes, prepare NTR financial statements, Review engagement, Audit engagement, HST returns, Personal Tax Returns, Corporate Tax Returns and other Ad Hoc Requests.

What you bring to the role: Preferably you have graduated (or working towards) a program with a major in accounting. Working towards an accounting designation would be considered an asset.  You are also a well-rounded student that demonstrates balance and leadership between academics, extra-curricular and community involvement. You exhibit strong communication skills, professionalism and a desire to learn and grow. You have a strong academic record and business focus to understand our clients’ needs. You have a proven track record of successfully dealing with competing priorities and deadlines under pressure. You have a strong sense of personal accountability, and are focused on achieving your personal and career goals