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Ah! Mugunghwa of Korea.




.Ah! Mugunghwa of Korea.

As a Korean national, I have settled in Toronto, Canada.
It's been 37 years.
My immigration life is always fruitful, full of hope, full of happiness.
I did.
I'm not sure if I can live happily and happily in a strange foreign land like this way
I think there is because there is my country called Republic of Korea
I always remember and keep it in my heart.
But these days, I've never had more joy, more joy, more God than ever.
I'm living in a state of overflowing emotion.
And there's something that makes me live a wonderful life.
It is none other than Mugunghwa.
I know everyone thinks Mugunghwa gives them so much pleasure and happiness.
For me, Mugunghwa is more than anyone else than my family.
I feel more love and value it.
Then why did you become so attached to Mugunghwa?
I'll tell you a story about my Mugunghwa to those who think I'm doing it.
I do.
Our country is the Republic of Korea, the national anthem that represents Korea.
There is a national flag, Taegeukgi, and Mugunghwa is a national flower.
Here in Toronto, people who love Mugunghwa gathered in 2003.
Mugunghwa Sarang Gathering, which promotes Mugunghwa and distributes Mugunghwa, is made and stirred.
I joined the club in 2005 with the introduction of an acquaintance.
It was very nice to meet you.
And the following year, 2006 Mugunghwa Love Gathering held a very special event.
Got it.
This is the heart of Toronto's largest building, on Yunver City Boulevard in front of the Capitol.
They planted a 5-year-old, 65-year-old guru in the seperate
This is Sejong-ro in front of the Central Office, and it is a major hospital, court, U.S. Embassy, and city hall.
This is where government buildings are concentrated.
How happy and thrilled the moment was when the rose of Sharon was planted in such a point.
I still can't forget that moment.
And this time, the Mugunghwa Garden in the University of Toronto was opened in 2007.
It's been made.
This is the place that the university prepared especially for Pastor Sang-chul.
Not only is it the most respected in our Korean community, but it is also the University of Toronto.
I was moved and moved by what was respected in
And what made me even more excited was the 2007 Mugunghwa Love Gathering.
Maybe it's because he became co-chairman.
After this Sangcheol Mugunghwa Garden, this time in Christie's Park, Mugunghwa
Forty Guru has been planted.
This is the four-way street where Brewer and Christie meet, the center of Koreatown.
In the park, soccer, baseball, and various Korean events are held.
I couldn't feel the joy and emotion.
in 2008 in the famous Gems Garden in Toronto, with 50 sacks of Mugunghwa.
Mugunghwa has been built.
This place is famous for tearing wedding photos because of its beautiful flower garden and more than eight pairs a day.
He won't accept it.
As soon as you enter the entrance of the park, you can see Mugunghwa Hill in front of you.
I think it's a miracle to get in, and it's also a big one.
It can't be fruitless.
It was followed by 2012.
This time again, a miracle happened at the Mugunghwa Love Gathering, which is famous in Toronto.
Park Edward Park and Alexander Park create the second third Mugunghwa Garden.
It's getting wet.
Edward Park is one of the most famous parks in Toronto, with beautiful flower gardens, greenhouses and
It's a multi-kilometre walkway that has a constant number of visitors all year round.
The construction of the Mugunghwa Garden at the entrance of this place is also a miracle and touching moment.
No, I can't feel it.
Now, in 2013, this year, Mugunghwa Love Gathering had a huge business.
First of all, in the history of peace in Toronto, Mugunghwa Complex and Memorial Mugunghwa Garden are wet.
Peace History in Canada's longest 12085 Young Street connecting east and west of Canada
On May 25, 2013, about 150 Korean residents from Toronto gathered in the precinct to 200 Guru, who were born in 5 to 10 years.
The Mugunghwa complex was created and the 2.3 year-old Mugunghwa of 516 Guru was planted in Canada 625
A memorial Mugunghwa Garden is made and stirred to commemorate the 516 people who were reincarnated in the Korean War.
The only Mugunghwa memorial park in the world can be easily built.
What happened was peace, of course, the monk's work. Jeon Gap-jin, a Toronto resident,
It's all thanks to the donation of 700 sacks of Mugunghwa from home.
Right after I built the memorial Mugunghwa Hill, I shed tears in the middle of the hill.
There was no way to control it.
A few days after the Mugunghwa complex was built, June 1st, this time a busy road in Toronto.
The fourth Mugunghwa Garden on the southeast side of the intersection where Sein Clear and Caledonia meet.
make and stir
Hundreds of thousands of cars a day, drawing admiration for Mugunghwa.
When I see it, I automatically smile, my heart trembles, and my heart beats.
In addition, the Mugunghwa Love Club has the Embassy of the Korean Embassy and other places.
On Memorial Day in Canada, Mugunghwa Garden is a popular destination for many organizations and families.
Every year, 516 ribbons were attached to honor the 516 Yeonghyeon who participated in the Korean War and were revived.
They are holding memorial events and recruiting photos of Mugunghwa.
He produced pictorials, built pagodas in the Memorial Mugunghwa Garden, set up a foundation, and even in Canadian society.
It will develop into a notable attraction, and furthermore, the 7-kilometer walkway in the Peace Temple compound will be turned into Mugunghwa.
Decorated and turned into a Mugunghwa Walkway to develop into Mugunghwa Park of Myeongsil Gonghoe.
We will do our best to promote Mugunghwa and promote the love of Mugunghwa.
Now I don't know how much joy, reward, hope and happiness I have.
Mugunghwa is precious to me and has become a life to me.
I will be with Mugunghwa for the rest of my life.
Because it is my reward and happiness.

September 3, 2013