12-day English Summer Program

We are twin sisters who completed IB programme and will be attending University of Toronto in the fall of 2018. Upon completing the Higher-Level English course in the IB programme we concluded that English courses often call for the ability to identify the effect of literary devices and engage in an in-depth, detailed analysis of written text. Our time in the IB program allowed us to refine and develop our editing, analyzing, oral presentation, critical thinking, and timed writing skills. We have been tutoring high school English while we were completing our grade 12 year.


For this summer, we have designed 12-day English program.  This intensive 12-day English summer program is designed to offer students an opportunity to enhance their ability to analyze, edit, and write under time constraints.


The contents of this program can be emailed. “The Great Gatsby” will be used as a medium to learn and practice the essential elements of essay writing. An unseen commentary test will also be conducted to ensure that students are able to apply their analyzing skills under a pressured setting. The skills for writing this essay and completing the unseen commentary test will be developed through the analysis of other literary works (poetry, short stories, etc.).

To ensure that all contents are covered in this 12-day program the students are expected to read, write and participate in discussions.  Students should expect  to receive writing assignments almost every session. It is important for students to meet due dates outlined in the calendar below for their written assignments.


  • 12 days in August (3 days a week, see calendar for details)
  • Tentative Time: 1-3pm (2hr session)
  • Price: $540 (20% deposit will be required to reserve a spot)
  • Location: 78 Cliffwood Road, Toronto, Ontario, near Don Mills and Steeles
  • Target group: High School Students, (for younger grades 7 and 8, please call for novel study sessions in August)
  • Contact: 647-636-0247 for more information in English or Korean
  • Please contact home@stdio.ca for the detail outline (word docoment) of this 12-day English summer program
  • Dates: August 1, 3, 6, 8, 10, 13, 15, 17, 20, 22, 24, 27